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Our Tiktok Famous Tonya Cup

Our Tiktok Famous Tonya Cup

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Introducing the dazzling 24 oz Snow Globe Tumbler, a masterpiece created in collaboration with TikTok sensation and Watertok queen, Tonya. This extraordinary tumbler is designed to capture attention and showcase your unique style while providing a mesmerizing experience with every sip.

Design and Material:
Crafted with the highest quality materials, this tumbler boasts a snow globe-inspired design. The clear, sturdy acrylic body beautifully showcases the swirling, color-changing glitter and the transformation of the liquid from pink to purple, making it an eye-catching delight.

Color-Changing Glitter:
Watch in awe as the color-changing glitter inside the tumbler transforms from a vibrant pink hue to a mesmerizing purple when you pour in your iced cold drink. This dynamic feature adds a playful and magical touch to your beverage experience.

Personalized Name Engraving:
Make this tumbler truly yours by including a personalized engraving of your name. Choose from a variety of font styles and sizes to match your personality and make your tumbler uniquely you.

Custom Rhinestone and Pearl Mix Lid:
Enhancing the glamour of this tumbler is the custom rhinestone and pearl mix lid. Each stone and pearl is meticulously hand-placed to create a stunning lid that adds that extra touch of elegance and uniqueness to your cup. The lid ensures a secure seal to keep your drinks fresh and prevent spills while on the go.


24 oz capacity to keep you refreshed all day long.
Swirling, color-changing glitter for a mesmerizing experience.
Personalized name engraving to make it uniquely yours.
Hand-placed rhinestone and pearl mix lid for added glam.
Durable acrylic construction for long-lasting use.
Purpose and Message:
This tumbler is designed to reflect the vibrant personality of Tonya and bring a touch of her TikTok magic into your daily life. It encourages self-expression and a celebration of individuality, reminding you to embrace the uniqueness that sets you apart. Share the joy and enchantment with every sip, capturing the essence of TikTok fame and the Watertok phenomenon.
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